About Us

20 years ago, Phil Ciano and Andy Goldwasser launched Ciano & Goldwasser, a boutique law firm built to serve clients better. The premise was simple: handle “big firm” legal matters for selective clients in a passionate, straightforward, attentive manner.

Welcome to Ciano & Goldwasser. A boutique law firm built on over two decades of trust and hard work. At C&G, we have eliminated the unnecessary layers of bureaucracy and costs found in the “Big Firms” without compromising resources or experience At C&G, when we are in, we are all in. No billable hour requirements. No redundant charges. Just creative, value-driven exceptional lawyering.

At C&G, our practice leading partners have over 50 combined years of experience. Each client has 24-7 access. A clear and customized plan is established early-on with every engagement. Reaching a successful outcome through a well-developed plan of attack supersedes maximizing legal fees.

The Firm has been regularly recognized by peer reviewed publications as one of the best in class. C&G has been honored as one of only a handful of Ohio boutiques by “Benchmark Litigation,” the definitive guide to America’s leading litigation firms and attorneys. The lawyers at the firm are also routinely voted by their peers as Top 50 (Cleveland) and Top 100 (Ohio) “SuperLawyers” and “BestLawyers.” The ability and trustworthiness of the firm has resulted in regular referrals from other law firms and judges across the country.