Investor Claims

Ciano & Goldwasser has a dedicated team of lawyers and financial experts devoted to representing investors who have been victimized by stockbrokers and financial institutions.

Ciano & Goldwasser has successfully represented individual investors in this complex and highly specialized area all across the country. We approach investor loss claims from a unique perspective which sets us apart from other law firms.

First, we have represented the very banks and brokerage houses which we now litigate against. We know their tactics, excuses and defenses.

Second, for almost two decades,  Ciano & Goldwasser has been engaged in some of the most hotly contested and complex business litigation in Ohio. Because of our results, we now receive assignments from Federal and State judges, receive referrals from litigation opponents and have been appointed to Chair the commercial docket subcommittee in Cuyahoga County (the largest county in Ohio).

Third, our founding partners (Phil Ciano and Andy Goldwasser) approach investor loss claims with industry knowledge, which most lawyers lack. Prior to entering law school, Phil Ciano worked as a trader for an international firm headquartered in Michigan. He continues to be consulted by investment and merchant banks with business interests across the country. Likewise, before Andy Goldwasser embarked on his legal career, he was a licensed professional for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. He was also appointed the first chair of the Business Torts Section of the Ohio Association for Justice, which is the largest trial bar association in Ohio.

Losing your savings due to stockbroker negligence or fraud is painful and embarrassing. The tendency is to blame yourself or the “market.” But that is not always the case. Ciano & Goldwasser will review your case for free. We handle most securities claims on a contingency fee basis and therefore only charge a fee if we obtain a recovery on your behalf. Our team of investor loss lawyers are active members of the Public Investors Bar Association (“PIABA”), which is an international association whose members represent investors in disputes with the securities industry.

What is securities fraud?

Securities fraud, also known as stock fraud and investment fraud, is a deceptive practice, which induces investors to trade stocks or other commodities based on false information, resulting in financial loss. Claims may also be brought for negligent practices by your financial advisor.

Common Forms of Broker Misconduct Include:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Churning
  • Derivative Securities
  • Excessive Activity
  • Failure to Execute
  • Failure to Supervise
  • False Information
  • Fraud
  • Margin Trading
  • Misrepresentation and Omissions Negligence
  • Overconcentration
  • Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes
  • Private Placements
  • Subprime Litigation and Mortgage Scams
  • Unauthorized Trading
  • Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest
  • Unsuitability
  • Violation of FINRA rules

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Broker Misconduct Inquiry

Broker Misconduct Inquiry