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At Ciano & Goldwasser, we don’t believe an advertisement in the phone book is necessary to obtain clients. We let our results speak for themselves. Thus, the majority of our clients are referred to us by former clients and other lawyers, including lawyers we previously opposed.

We welcome you to read on and learn more about how our backgrounds and experiences have combined to create the philosophy and mission of Ciano & Goldwasser.

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investor-claimsCiano & Goldwasser has a dedicated team of lawyers and financial experts devoted to representing investors who have been victimized by stockbrokers and financial institutions. We have successfully represented individual investors in this complex and highly specialized area all across the country.

We approach investor loss claims from a unique perspective which sets us apart from other law firms.

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Phil Ciano is highly quoted in Crain’s Cleveland Business article about Cuyahoga County’s commercial docket.

Read Phil’s earlier comments in an article on commercial dockets posted by Crain’s Cleveland Business in February, 2016.

Cuyahoga County commercial docket could have life

Attorneys are encouraged that the Ohio Supreme Court is reviewing the specialty court’s process

By Jeremy Nobile / Crain’s Cleveland Business

crains-cleveland-businessCuyahoga County’s commercial docket may be dead, but it won’t lie down.

The most recent developments transpired over the summer, when the Ohio Supreme Court, which oversees the state’s specialty dockets, requested public commentary on some proposed rule changes, many of which were posited by a team of Cleveland attorneys and judges.

Phillip Ciano, principal at Ciano & Goldwasser and a leader of that local team, said he’s heard of no updates from the Supreme Court since commentary on the changes was solicited this summer.

However, a spokesman for the Supreme Court told Crain’s last week the issue will be revisited after two new justices officially join the court in the new year.

That was welcomed news to Ciano.

“It’s not surprising that the process, which is quasi-legislative, is going to take its due course to run,” Ciano said. “But I’m encouraged to know that at least it will be reviewed when the new term starts in January.”

He added that the subcommittee he leads is “ready and willing to provide whatever support and feedback we can provide to see if there’s a form of the commercial docket, or commercial track as we suggested, that could be reinstated in Cuyahoga County.”

Ciano said it’s hard to say whether fewer cases have actually been filed since the local docket dissolved.

“And I wouldn’t say it’s more difficult to practice without more predictability of a commercial docket,” he said. “But I would say that having a commercial docket makes for a more predictable and effective litigation process for businesses. That’s the primary reason we’d like to see it back in some form or fashion.”

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Sources: Proformance agency wins ruling to receive $1M in back fees

The agency once represented Jose Bautista and Ervin Santana

By Ken Rosenthal / Fox Sports

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-10-54-09-amProformance, the baseball agency that once represented Jose Bautista and Ervin Santana, will receive approximately $1 million in back fees based upon the ruling of an independent arbitrator, according to major-league sources.

“Jeff and Bean are pleased to be getting on with their lives and having this concluded,” said Proformance’s attorney, Phil Ciano.

⇒ Read full story here

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