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F or over a decade, these principles have formed the foundation of a law firm committed to maximizing results for a wide array of clients in diverse matters.

Dedicated beyond compare to the needs, objectives and problems of our clients.

Determined to solve the problem at hand: through settlement or trial.

Diligent from beginning to end.

At Ciano & Goldwasser, we don’t believe an advertisement in the phone book is necessary to obtain clients. We let our results speak for themselves. Thus, the majority of our clients are referred to us by former clients and other lawyers, including lawyers we previously opposed.

We welcome you to read on and learn more about how our backgrounds and experiences have combined to create the philosophy and mission of Ciano & Goldwasser.

C&G Investor Claims

investor-claimsCiano & Goldwasser has a dedicated team of lawyers and financial experts devoted to representing investors who have been victimized by stockbrokers and financial institutions. We have successfully represented individual investors in this complex and highly specialized area all across the country.

We approach investor loss claims from a unique perspective which sets us apart from other law firms.

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C&G In the News

Hall of Fame rep says David Baker ‘absolutely’ didn’t tell players to keep quiet about cancellation

Crain’s Cleveland Business

 Michael Avenatti, as you might expect from an attorney who is trying to get a high-profile case certified as a class-action complaint, didn’t pull any punches when we spoke with him for a Crain’s cover story on the debacle that was the 2016 Hall of Fame Game.

Ciano, a licensed agent, didn’t seem to think Avenatti’s case was as strong as the California attorney believes.

One of the complaints Ciano believes will be difficult to prove is the costs associated with items purchased on the day of the game. Would fans who traveled to Canton and attended the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony on Saturday had purchased souvenirs anyway?

“The NFL is a multibillion-dollar enterprise,” Ciano said. “That will be a hard one to prove — that the league was holding people hostage for a few souvenirs and beer on the NFL’s bottom line. That’s a tough one.”

“I think it’s wise to note that the potential of (this case) going four or five years or more,” Ciano said. “These are not quick litigations when you get in the class(-action) world.”

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Hall of Fame Game cancellation could paint NFL, Canton landmark into a corner

Crain’s Cleveland Business

Avenatti said “hundreds” of plaintiffs are already involved in a lawsuit he is trying to get certified as a class-action complaint against the NFL and the Hall of Fame.

“He’s sort of an internal thorn in their side,” said Phillip A. Ciano, principal of the Ciano & Goldwasser law firm in Cleveland, of Avenatti and the NFL.

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An Interview with Andy Goldwasser on Channel 3 WKYC – Live on Lakeside

Investment Claims

Making an investment can be a very difficult decision to make and most people seek advice about this. However, sometimes they’re not always given the best advice. If someone loses a lot of money because of bad investment advice they can file a claim. Andy Goldwasser, Principal for Ciano & Goldwasser, joins Channel 3 WKYC – Live on Lakeside – with more information about doing so.

Working for Two Firms Keeps Andy Busy…

An Interview of Andy Goldwasser

by Kristen Mott, Staff Reporter
Cleveland Jewish News

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Commercial Docket’s Backers Keep Up Fight

A Discussion of the Disbanded Commercial Docket with Phil Ciano

by Jeremy Nobile
Crain’s Cleveland Business Staff

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Make Sure to Notice Pivot Opportunities

Turning Abstract Discoveries into Business Opportunities

Originally published in the August 30, 2015 Crain’s Cleveland Business by John Campanelli.

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